Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology


COVID-19 Update

In 2022 the OUPFB Team saw a return to in-person field courses, with 17 modules offered in Ontario and New Brunswick. We have learned a lot about how to run field courses safely in the ongoing pandemic, including how to minimize the spread of cases if, and when, they occur, although this was a rare event. Given this practical experience, and the opening of international travel, in 2023-24, we have expanded courses offerings to return to international modules, along with some of the domestic modules of 2022.

To be eligible for the first round of course registrations students need to apply for their course choices through their home institution.

The OUPFB teams at each University continue to monitor the situation with respect to public health policies in Canada and abroad. If mandated by Provincial or local Health Authorities, or by the universitiesí Env. Health or Risk Management to shut down in 2023, we necessarily will do so. Refunds will then be provided.

Please contact the OUPFB Coordinator at your Home University for further details and continue to check this website for further public health updates that may apply broadly.

Due to the impact of the pandemic on the travel sector, costs have risen. However, Ontario universities are committed to making the field course accommodation and food costs as affordable as possible. Given both rising costs, and continuing Covid_19 cases, we strongly encourage students travelling overseas to buy comprehensive travel and health insurance. You will read similar advice in each module description.

Vaccination is highly encouraged, and depending on the local conditions in 2023-4, vaccination and masking may be advisable.

Please contact the OUPFB Coordinator at your Home University for further detail.

Please Note : International courses may have to adjust their course fees to accommodate the dropping Canadian dollar